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Each superpower has a REAL impact on your dating experience!

You start with the choice of 4 'Superpowers', each with 3 unique Abilities:


More activity

  1. 1. Always boosted - you always show on the rotating carousel at the top of most pages!
  2. *TIP*: Only 50 users can show on the carousel at one point, but don't worry - every 'refresh screen' more profiles appear!
  4. 2. Auto-greet potentials - you instantly send an ice-breaker to any new user matching your basic criteria! 
  5. *TIP*: Ensure your 'Looking For' criteria is correct on your profile (Age, Gender, Location), as 'Sidekick messages' will be sent to users who match all 3!
  7. 3. Always 'Online' - you're 'Always Online' to maximize visibility and contacts! 
  8. *TIP*: You can toggle this on and off in the Settings area! Plus you can see whether other users have their's toggled on/off too, on their profile!


More progress

  1. Jump Levels - you instantly jump to the next Level Tier, with new options! 
  2. *TIP*: Add 'Strength' at Lvl. 1 to send mail messages instantly! Add at Lvl.10 to quickly access your matches!
  4. Double XP - you can gain access to new features quicker!
  5. *TIP*: The earlier you add 'Strength', the quicker you can progress up the levels!
  7. Get More 5* Ratings -  users can only give you 5-Star Ratings! 
  8. *TIP*: Focus on mail messaging as this is where users can give you Star Ratings!


More insight

  1. Match Info - You can access Match Info & Stats on user profiles!
  2. *TIP*: Add 'Intellect' at LVL.1 or LVL.10 so you can see match stats before waiting to access your Matches!
  4. Read Receipts - you can see whether a user has read your message!
  5. *TIP: Add 'Intellect' at LVL.10 so you can see read receipts in mail messages straight away!
  7. Highlight in Search - you show as highlighted in the search to help stand out! 
  8. *TIP*: Join Groups to help show your interests too and enhance the effect!


More mystery

  1. Blur Images - your images are blurred and users can request to view! 
  2. *TIP*: Add 'Magic' at LVL.1 so you're a mystery from day one!
  4. Msgs from Higher Level Users Only - receive bespoke messages from equal or higher level users only!
  5. *TIP*: Add 'Magic' then Level Up so you choose who contacts you! Plus want to receive more messages? You can toggle this ability on/off at any point!
  7. Go Invisible Anytime - go incognito whenever you like! 
  8. *TIP*: Toggle on so that your profile is invisible in the search and visiting profiles! And toggle off at any point!



But don't worry, you can have more than one Superpower!

There are 4 Level Tiers. At each tier, you can choose a new Superpower to add! This applies from Level 1, Level 10, Level 25 and Level 50. Or if you're not sure, you can just add it later! 

  • *TIP #1*: You can jump Level Tiers to add new Superpowers quicker!
  • *TIP #2*: We provide you with the exact credits required to add it, so its free!


LEVEL 100...

There's also a 5th Superpower and a 5th Level Tier (LVL.100) - but its a secret... By Level 100 you can add the Ultimate Superpower, with extra-special abilities! 




To install this Web App in your iPhone/iPad press and then Add to Home Screen.