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Hello! I am the Warrioress, and I welcome you to the Sun Realm Tutorial. Here we'll discover the different features in which you can enjoy in our most glorious realm.


To access the Earth Realm, this requires being at one with the very Earth Power itself! There are 2 natural ways to allow this energy in, both of which are straightforward and require no coin:

  1.  Embrace it upon starting your journey (registration), or
  2. Select it in the Campfire upon reaching Level 10, 25, 50 or 75

Once you're at one with the Earth Power, you gain access to the Earth Realm's many features!


The Earth Realm has 5 key areas to visit, each associated with Earthy characters:

1. Earth Guild w/ The Empress


You automatically join our illustrious Guild, where you can connect with fellow Sunlit questors in a private mini-Forum area! While not a pre-requisite for joining, you may find fellow questors in our Guild match the ethos of the realm: "Adventurous, Creative, Bold". 


2. Earth Letters w/ The Scribe


"you automatically join our illustrious Guild, where you can connect with fellow Sunlit questors in a private mini-Forum area!" 


3. Earth Rankings w/ The Noble 


- "Having met questors far & wide, The Traveller provides you with an expansive insight into the wide range of personalities which traverse the 5 Realms". You gain access to the firm favourite Search engine, where you can search for members based on a whole range of characteristics. In doing so you can also see who's Online, find Verified members and Save your searches for easy access later. 

4. Earth Polls w/ The Town Planner


"Melodies ring out as The Musician welcomes questors to your profile, as well as notifying you about their presence. In doing so, this leaves a deep melodic imprint, which you have view to see which beautiful souls have visited your profile" . Your Visitor list opens up to you, thereby allowing you to see whose interest you may have peaked, as well as which profiles you've visited too.


4. Earth Shop w/ The Herbalist 


"With great transformative skills, The Alchemist shapes many magical wonders, items imbued with the very essence of the Sun". You can purchase & equip 4 unique items from the Sun Shop. This includes:

  •  Sun Tonic
  • Sunflowers
  •  Sun Bracers
  •  Sun Boots


There are currently two Earth Quests. These are straightforward so you can focus more on finding new friends. Both help the rebuilding of our community too, so the benefits are wholly mutual!

  • Send a Greeting - 
  • Save a Search - ". Simply save a search every month and receive XP.

By completing a Quest, this gifts you Xperience Points (XP). 100 Xperience Points provides you with +1 Level, and 'levelling up' moves you closer to accessing new powers, realms and their unique features. 


1. Earth Remedy

2. Earth Monocle 

3. Earth Seeds

4. Earth Shovel 



1. Earth Heart

2. Earth Stone

However, if you wish to speed up proceedings to access all the wonders of the Sun Realm, you can also achieve this by:

  1. Completing The Fool's Quest, or
  2. Acquiring and maintaining The Soul Ring

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