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v. Items & Coins

Now we move on to the numerous Magical Items you can acquire along your journey, and the currency ('Coins') required to obtain these.

Magical Items

As great magic continues to flow across our realms, many items have captured a spark of these enriching energies. In doing so, those items have become imbued with a single, unique Ability. By acquiring these Items, questors can connect easier & deeper with new love interests.

There are 3 main types of Magical Items: 

  • 1. Eternal -  huge boons for the lifetime of your journey with us
  • 2. Useable - temporary boosters which provide a unique ability for up to 30 days
  • 3. Giftable - colourful gifts you can send to other questors

​​​​Each of the main 3 types are imbued with a single Power. Each requires the corresponding power to access. 

​​​​N.B. There is strong evidence to suggest a 4th type of Magical Item exists, which can be found in the Memberships area: 

  • 4. Ultimate - active during the duration of an Ultimate Membership

These work outside the above principles, in that it permits questors access to more than one ability, for as long as its energies are maintained.

There is only one known Ultimate item as it stands, known as the Questing Ring. But with the vast size of the 5 Realms, it's possible more may be discovered in future...

There are 3 overarching types:


5 Potion Types

5 Potion Types

3. Giftable - from Hearts to Gems, these are colourful items you can send to others (up to 10 coins each)




To give you an idea of costing:

  • 50 coins = £1.00

  • 100 coins  = £1.99

  • 250 coins = £3.99

  • 500 coins = £5.99

  • 750 coins = £7.99

  • 1000 coins = £9.99

As such, the more coins you purchase, the more cost-effective they become. However, coins and magical items are a completely optional feature, you receive free coins at certain Levels too :)


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