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vii. Memberships

We now on to Membership of our beloved Realms.

A | Starter Membership - Due to your tireless efforts we offer you free passage throughout the 5 Realms, as you forge your friendship destiny and help our ailing realms.

At the same time, each Realm naturally has its own Power requirements, so you can sustain the wholly unique climate there:

  • The Sun Realm radiates with great heat all year round, requiring the Sun Power so the questor can match its fiery temperatures; this grants you:
    • Access to Sun Greetings, where you can send short messages to others
    • Access to Sun Search, where you can search for fellow questors
    • Access to Sun Visitors, where you can see who's visited your profile
  • The Earth Realm is full of great mountains and rugged terrain, requiring the Earth Power to ground the questor in its quiet strength
    • Access to Earth Letters, where you can read & write longer messages
    • Access to Earth Rankings, where you can view members based on their statistics
    • Access to Earth Polls, where you can take part in & create your own polls
  • The Sky Realm floats on clouds above its once-icy domain, requiring the Sky Power to elevate the questor and maintain them in flight
    • ​​​​​​​Access to Earth Letters, where you can read & write longer messages
    • ​​​​​​​Access to Earth Rankings, where you can view members based on their statistics
    • ​​​​​​​Access to Earth Polls, where you can take part in & create your own polls
  • The Moon Realm is enchanting in its moonlit beauty, requiring the Moon Power to prevent being soothed to sweet sleep
    • ​​​​​​​Access to Moon Spirits, where you send your spirit animal to send messages on your behalf
    • ​​​​​​​Access to Moon Blogs, where you can blog your journey and read all epic narratives 
    • ​​​​​​​Access to Moon Calendar, where you can keep track & read about the impending Moon phases 
  •  The Star Realm is gravity-less, requiring the Star Power to prevent floating off towards the very stars themselves
    • ​​​​​​​Access to Star Calls, where you can request & engage in video calls
    • ​​​​​​​Access to Star 'Scopes, where you can view horoscopes
    • ​​​​​​​Access to Star 'Ships, where you can view friendship compatibilities based on star sign

In commencing your adventure with us, your soul is naturally ready to embrace a single Power. This grants you passage to the corresponding Realm and all its unique beauty. 

As you gain experience through completing simplified Quests, you'll find yourself ascending through a Level-based system. Starting at Level 1, as you progress upwards your very soul will expand, ready to take on new Powers.

In our experience, all questors can take on a new power at each of the following levels: Level 10, Level, 25, Level, 50, Level 75.

 To add a Power, simply visit the Campfire Power-ups area.


B | Ultimate membership - Alternatively, there is of course another, empowering choice. A choice which allows your soul to pass through all 5 Realms without the corresponding power...

A piece of exquisite craftsmanship so fine it grants the wearer the art of flight, of grounding, of brightness to access all site features with no additional experience. From the very first day you arrive.

The Blacksmith the Earth Realms, before his unfortunate passing, had worked on a piece of beauty for years on end, toiling to see his vision come to pass. No-one knew what this piece entailed, insular as he was.

But one day, he emerged from the fires of his labour, sweating profussely as he produced a Ring... 'The Soul Ring', he named it, before collapsing with burning exhaustion.

As it transpired, he managed to embed the energies of all 5 Powers into a single, glowing ring. Lilac in colour, it permitted any wielder the ability to traverse the realms with effortless ease.

Not only this, but it also granted wearers with additional abilities too:

  • Ad-free experience - the ring was adept at holding off unwanted influences, free to focus on the wearer's journey 
  • Personalise profile - it had wondrous ability of allowing its wielder to further personalise their identity
  • Unlimited messaging - with the ring, the wielder could send an endless supply of messages, free from the restrictions on energy levels
  • Sell your wares - the ring had one final trick. With its boundless energy, it allows the wearer to create and maintain their own Store, whereby they could sell their own wares for real-life coin (£)

The Soul Ring still exists - indeed, it thrives - and can be acquired on the Memberships page. The only consideration is that its very existence requires an external power source to maintain, so entails outside funds from the wielder (£) on a 30-day, 90-day, 180-day or 365-day basis. But once subscribed to its powers, its limits know no bounds.



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